The Medi-Rub® Foot Massager, which rests on the floor, has an angled face so the patient can sit and place both feet on it at a comfortable angle. The vibrating surface helps increase localized blood circulation to the feet and the toes.

Conversely, the Medi-Rub® Body Massager is held by the doctor or therapist, who applies it mostly on the muscles of the lower extremities, especially on patients with sore or weak muscles, and on those who have difficulty walking.

“We use the foot massager almost routinely on peripheral neuropathy patients for seven to ten minutes,” Dr. Spitz says. “Also, patients can use it with their shoes left on, which is great for hygienic reasons. We have them take their shoes off, though, if we want them to have a particularly deep massage”

Duration of massager application plays a therapeutic role, too, advises Dr. Spitz. “We time the use of the body massager unit on the legs, depending on how advanced the patient’s condition is, and on what symptoms they’re having. For example, we’ll usually use the body massager for five to seven minutes over a muscle that’s particularly sore or weak.”

Dr. Spitz reports “We typically do 12 initial treatments on a patient who has diabetic neuropathy, and after three or four treatments, you get a lot of positive feedback on the massage therapy, with the patient often saying, ‘Wow, this is great! I’d really like to take one of these home.’ They are very pleasantly surprised to learn that the same massager is immediately available for them here, and that they CAN take it home.”

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